Anti-Acid Anti-Alkali Plastic Bearings
Size: d= Ø5~30mm
D= Ø10~80mm
Acid and phenol proof Characteristic Table of plastic part
Material Aldehyde Acetal Resin Nylon Resin
Polythene Resin Polypropylene Resin
Liguid Ammonia  
Clacium Hydroxide
Potassium Hydroxide
30% 70℃   ×
30% RT  
10% RT
Oxalic Acid
Acetic Acid 50% RT  
38% RT   ×
10% RT  
Nitric Acid High Concentration × × × ×
61% RT × ×
10% RT
Sulphuric Acid High Concentration × × ×
98% RT × ×
10% RT
Chromic Acid 25% RT × × ×
Code Number Illustration: :Excellent - Not damaged Completely, and can be used for long. ×:Bad  -- Out of Shape easily, and can be used in no case.
  ○:Good - Out of shape lightly, and the durability varies according to its service condition. RT:Normal Temperature.
  △:General - Sometimes out of shape, and can be used with bad grace.  
*.The above data is only for reference, and will be confirmed according to the sample.
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