Bearing Packaging
1. DYS bearing materials
Bearing parts Materials
Iinside track, outer track Bearing steelGCr15(A1S152100)* stainless steelqCr18(A1S1440C)
Rolling element Bearing steelGCr15(A1S152100)* stainless steelqCr18(A1S1440C)
Holder Cold-rolled steel sheet10-GBT10* brass sheetH62、enhanced nylon holderPA66-GF25,stainless steelqCr18
Sealing element Seal ring: butyronitrile oilproof rubberN-11*,viton dust cover:cold-rolled steel sheet*10-GBT10、SPCC sheet steel
* Is general material adopted.

2. Packaging
1. Standard packaging: 10 sets bearing wrapped in a PVC plastic simple package, then put in a export carton.
2. Single paper box packaging: Each bearing wrapped in a PVC plastic bag, then put in DYS colour box, and then in a export carton.
3. Tray: You can select wooden tray, iron tray or paper tray.
3. Precision
The precision of bearing includes dimensional precision and running accuracy. Dimensional precision is the item required when install bearing on axes or bearing box. It contains inside diameter, outside diameter, width, difference of faceoff size or allowable value. Geometric accuracy contains inside diameter deviation, average inside difference, outside diameter deviation, average outside difference, allowable value of parallel difference of ferrule end face. Running accuracy is oscillated when it is stipulated to running. It contains radial wobble and axial wobble of inside track and outer track, sidesway of inside track and tolerance range of outside diameter verticality.

Accuracy class of bearing is from general class(0) to 6, 5, 4 and 2 class, heighten orderly. Following table3 is the comparison during China GB307 stated accuracy class and other standard.

Comparision list of part of China accuracy class of bearing
Country Standard code Accuracy class
China GB307 0(G) 6(E) 5(D) 4(C) 2(B)
ISO ISO492 0 6 5 4 2
Sweden Version 1985 0 P6 P5 P4 P2
West Germany DIN 620/2 Po P6 P5 P4 P2
America ANSI B3.14 ABEC 1 ABEC 3 ABEC 5 ABEC 7 ABEC 9
Japan JIS B1514 0 6 5 4 2
* Is general material adopted.
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